Better Buildings Deserve a Superior Breather with SRP Breathable Membranes!

February 7, 2013 | Blog 

Better Buildings Deserve a Superior Breather with SRP Breathable Membranes!Canadian building professionals prefer SRP Canada Inc. air and water membranes to protect their buildings from premature deterioration, moisture, mould and structural damage. 

As the pioneer of breathable air barrier membranes for secondary drainage in wall systems and sloped roofs, SRP Canada Inc. set the standard for building envelope protection with a three-layer polypropylene that installs under wall and roofing systems to control moisture. This leading edge technology keeps water out while allowing water vapour to escape. 

SRP Breathable Membranes provide a higher rate of breathability, 3 to 10 times higher than other breathable membranes. This higher rate ensures wall and roof systems remain dry and durable prolonging the life of the building. 

More durable, heat resistant and thicker than single-layer polyolefin or polyethylene, SRP membranes cinch around fasteners creating a tighter seal for water protection. SRP Membranes are more pliant and will stay quiet in high winds and during construction, they can be left exposed for up to 4 months. 

  • SRP AirOutshield™ is ideal as the air barrier and/or secondary drainage plane in many wall systems including those clad with wood siding, fibre cement or metal panels, brick, metal, copper and zinc. 
  • SRP AirOutshield™ UV is designed specifically as a secondary drainage plane and black backdrop in “open joint” panel and slatted wood systems where the membrane will be exposed to long term UV. 
  • SRP AirOutshield™ ROOF is installed as a roof underlayment with metal, copper, zinc, slate, cedar and clay tiles.