Big Ideas in Living Architecture - Incorporating Living Green Spaces in Your Designs

March 5, 2014 | Blog 
InterCoast Building Solutions is Proud to Host BIG IDEAS IN LIVING ARCHITECTURE

Big Ideas in Living Architecture - Incorporating Living Green Spaces in Your DesignsWant to learn how you can incorporate Living Green Spaces into your next award winning design?

Interested in exploring key design concepts associated with Sustainable Architecture & Sustainable Buildings?

Join us for this unique opportunity to interact with an enviable panel of guest speakers who are at the forefront of green design and sustainability projects. Big Ideas In Living Architecture will explore key issues associated with the design of sustainable buildings and examine some of the latest technologies for sustainable design, including advanced building envelopes and Green Roof technologies.


InterCoast Building Solutions presents Paul Kephart – President, Rana Creek Ecological DesignsPaul Kephart – President, Rana Creek Ecological Designs

Paul is considered one of the top horticultural experts in the world and is a recognized consultant, public speaker and educator. Paul is known for his holistic and integrative landscape designs of large-scale living architecture projects around the world, including living roofs, waste water treatment facilities, solar power systems and storm water infrastructure. Paul will be speaking about several green projects that are shaping the landscape of major cities in North America. He will explore the many ecosystem services resulting from large-scale examples of living architecture, including air and water purification, detoxification and decomposition of wastes, and regulation of architectural surfaces and interior climates in architectural applications. The presentation will focus on designs based on sources and capacities of energy, soil, water, wastes, carbon, habitat value, and human health and well-being. Understanding the interrelationships between the built and natural environments is key in developing a successful ecosystem while creating compelling cultural experiences that bring joy.


InterCoast Building Solutions presents Bruce Duncan – International Sales Manager, American HydrotechBruce Duncan – International Sales Manager, American Hydrotech

Bruce brings more than 30 years of construction experience, holding a variety of sales, sales management and marketing positions with Dow Chemical. As the International Sales Manager for Hydrotech he oversees the worldwide design and installation of Hydrotech's Green Roof & Garden Roofs® Assemblies. He has served on CSI’s Strategic Planning Task Force and CSI’s Building Products Manufacturers Council. He is also a Construction Specifications Canada National Award of Merit winner and was recently elected to Construction Specification Canada’s College of Fellows.

Total System Warranties: Why are they important? What should they cover? What do they mean to the building owner?”

InterCoast Building Solutions Presents Richard Hayden – GRP, American HydrotechRichard Hayden – GRP, American Hydrotech

Richard has more than 32 years experience as a practicing Landscape Architect on a wide range of projects. At American Hydrotech Richard is responsible for the performance of the Garden Roof Department team during installation of Garden Roofs® across the US. He is also responsible for new product development, expanding the Garden Roof concept and spreading the word on the benefits of Garden Roofs®. Richard’s presentation will outline how to include storm water management as one of the many benefits of incorporating vegetated roofs into your next project.

New planning tools to quantify and manage storm water runoff and related issues in green roof and building design and anticipated LEED requirements.”

InterCoast Building Solutions presents Randy Sharp BCSLA, FCSLA, LEED® AP, GRP– Principal, Sharp & Diamond Landscape ArchitectureRandy Sharp BCSLA, FCSLA, LEED® AP, GRP– Principal, Sharp & Diamond Landscape Architecture

Randy will be speaking about traditional methods and innovative design techniques in the planning of productive green roofs & rooftop gardens and highly desirable living buildings. These green buildings, intensive green roofs, and city streets built over rooftop structures collect rainwater, biologically filter storm runoff, and celebrate our greatest resource on the wet coast of Canada: water. The new Broadway Tech Centre will be presented as a case study for intensive green roofs, water features, rain gardens and interlocking paved streets utilizing high compressive strength drainage and waterproofing products, all built over rooftop structures.

InterCoast Building Solutions presents Oscar Warmerdam – President, SemperGreen InternationalOscar Warmerdam – President, SemperGreen International

Oscar’s presentation will focus on advances in green vegetation assemblies to accommodate new wind uplift requirements and architectural LEED requirements. He truly understands green roof climates, roof substrates, waterproofing membrane choices, the realities of construction delays and green roof maintenance issues.

Les Yard – Technical Sales Representative, Dow Building Solutions

Les will speak about the best practices in constructing long-lasting and energy efficient Garden Roof® assemblies. Does a PMR roof really cost more than a conventional roof? Is a cool roof more energy efficient than a ballasted roof? What impact does the use of insulation have on reducing your carbon footprint?

Marjolaine Auger – Garden Roof Manager – Hydro Membrane Corp.

Why can’t I use dirt on my roof? So what is this stuff called Engineered Vegetative Roof Media?

Marjolaine`s session will “pull back the curtain” on a part of the green roof industry that most landscape architects are not exposed to and need to understand when designing successful vegetative roofs. As vegetative roofs continue to become commonplace in our new landscapes, the need for properly designed engineered growing media has never been greater.

Big Ideas In Living Architecture will be taking place at the following locations:

Calgary: Monday April 14th 8.30am-4.00pm Holiday Inn, 4206 N Macleod Trail S.E., Calgary

Vancouver: Tuesday April 15th 8.30am-4.00pm Empire Landmark Hotel, 1600 Robson Street, Vancouver

Space is limited and we expect seats to sell out before the end of the early bird period so get your ticket now to avoid disappointment! Sign up before March 31st and take advantage of a $20 discount just pay $129.00 Regular price is $149.00