Breathable Underlayment for Sloped Roofs Ideal for Cold Weather Installation in Commercial Alberta Roof Tiling Project

January 20, 2017 | Blog 

SRP AirOutshieldTM ROOF Breathable Underlayment for Sloped Roofs Used in Tile Reroofing Project at Banff Mineral Springs Hospital AB  

SRP AirOutshielf ROOF being installed - this shows the strapping on top of the SRP under the clay tilesDavid Leonard of Entuitive Civil Engineering was in charge of this 10 Month project to replace the failing Tile Roof on the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital in beautiful Banff Alberta. David recommended the use of SRP AirOutshield Roof’s Breathable Underlayment for Sloped Roofs for this project as he’s found this product to be exceptionally durable, providing excellent vapour permeance and allround superior performance with up to EIGHT times higher permeability than the competitor membranes he'd used previously!

Installing the SRP AirOutshield Breathable Underlay for Sloped Roofs at Banff Mineral Springs Hospital ABTheir biggest challenge was executing the work required during the exceptionally cold winter months of this beautiful mountain location in Alberta Canada. Thankfully, SRP AirOutshield Roof is easier to handle being softer and more flexible at all temperatures and slip resistant which made for a quick and efficient installation whilst being multi-layered ensured superior puncture resistance and performance whilst being much lighter than membranes containing tar.

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Think you Know Building Wrap - Think Again!

SRP AirOutshield™ ROOF is a triple layer, spun bonded polypropylene, water resistant, breathable underlayment for sloped roofs. SRP AirOutshield™ ROOF is designed for use as a secondary drainage plane under roofing systems including metal, copper, zinc, slate, cedar, clay tile and other systems that require an underlayment, with the added benefit that it's a quieter option in windier areas as the material is by nature less likely to drum, flap, resonate or "whistle" under tile or cladding compared to other single skin membranes. 

SRP AirOutshield™ ROOF is Tested and Compliant to all relevant US, Canadian and International construction codes including AC188 - To view the complete code compliance  see the SRP AirOutshield™ ROOF data sheet click here

Find out more information on SRP Canada's Permeable Air and Water Barrier Membranes for Residential and Commercial Rainscreen Systems and Roof Underlayment here.