Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide 2015 - Vancouver BC - PDF Download

October 16, 2015 | Blog 
Helping British Columbia’s Building Industry Professionals Mitigate Thermal Bridging to Improve Building Envelope Thermal Performance and Reduce Energy Use

The Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide - Building Envelope Thermal Bridging AnalysisThis comprehensive building envelope construction and costing guide is intended to help British Columbia’s building industry address the impact of thermal bridging to improve building envelope thermal performance and reduce energy use. 

It seeks to inform and assist B.C. building professionals to realize more energy efficient buildings by "Best Practice" design. Developed by a collaboration of industry partners, the guide provides information relevant to B.C.’s climate, building industry and regulatory environment. It's an excellent resource for builders, Architects, designers, energy modellers and those involved in setting energy standards and policy. 

This comprehensive and British Columbia climate orientated construction envelope guide: 

  • Provides a catalogue of thermal performance of common envelope assemblies and interface details.
  • Outlines information needed for thermal bridging design and whole-building energy simulations.
  • Evaluates cost effectiveness of improving the building envelope through different methods, building types and climates. 

Most practitioners will find The Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide 2015 PART 1, Appendix A and Appendix B to be most useful. PART 1 outlines how to effectively account for thermal bridging. Appendices A and B provide a catalog of common building envelope assemblies and interface details, and their associated thermal performance data. Researchers and regulators will be interested in The Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide 2015 PART 2 and PART 3, and Appendix C, Appendix D and Appendix E. They contain the cost-benefit analysis, and discussion on significance and further insights, of using this guide to mitigate thermal bridging in buildings. The catalogue of information also includes an Overview Presentation of the Thermal Bridging Guide as well as an Introduction and Glossary to The Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide

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