Green Building Partner Spotlight - Alberta BASF Spray Foam Insulation Specialists Ener-Spray

November 18, 2015 | Blog 

Partner Spotlight - Green Building Specialists for BASF Sprayfoam Insulation - Ener-Spray Calgary ABThis month's Green Building Partner Spotlight shines on the Ener-Spray Group, who have just been featured in SprayFoam Professional Magazine in an interview with Lane Cooper, Vice President of Ener-Spray. Fourteen years experience of spraying BASF premium spray foam wall sealing foam, and insulation foam, (BASF Walltite and BASF Enertite), has given the Ener-Spray Group unrivaled experience in both domestic and commercial spray foam application in Calgary

Ener-Spray is pleased to announce the launch of their new website showcasing their many services including the launch of their new Industrial Solutions division, building on their extensive knowledge of sprayed coatings and insulation. John and the Team at InterCoast Building Solutions who have been working with Ener-Spray for many years, wish the Ener-Spray Group many more years of growth and innovation in the spray coatings market in Alberta.