Green Building Year End Review with InterCoast Building Systems Vancouver BC

December 22, 2015 | Blog 

As the end of year holiday season is upon us again we are looking forward to a busy and prosperous 2016 as we enter Year 14 of our membership in the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA).

InterCoast Building Solutions Celebrates 14 Years with MANA Manufacturers & Agents National AssociationMANA has been promoting excellence in representing manufacturer’s products since 1947. At the core of their beliefs is building quality relationships with clients, which is a value shared by InterCoast Building Solutions as demonstrated by the wonderful relationships we have with so many architects, engineers, contractors and other building professionals. And at this time of year it’s those relationships, the projects they create, and the exciting new products we represent that come to mind.

2015 has been a great one at InterCoast. At the very start of the year, we were joined by Lisa Little as our new Green Building Architectural Sales Rep and midway through the year we welcomed Amanda Kennett as our new Research Assistant.

Hydrotech's Waterproofing Membranes and Green Roof AssembliesAlso in 2015 Hydrotech International recognized InterCoast Building Solutions and John Riley with an award for representing the company’s product line across Canada for the past 10 years (see more…)

Hydrotech’s excellent Monolithic Waterproofing Membrane 6125® and Garden Roof and Green Roof Assemblies®, have made the company a leader in green building envelope products. Popular with architects, engineers, contractors and landscape designer, Hydrotech provide solutions to making construction greener that offer the assurance of outstanding quality.

InterCoast's Green Building Partner Spotlight on the Ener-Spray Group ABIn 2015, InterCoast’s Green Building Partner Spotlight highlighted the Ener-Spray Group, who were featured in SprayFoam Professional Magazine in an interview with Lane Cooper, Vice President of Ener-Spray. Fourteen years experience of spraying BASF premium spray foam wall sealing foam, and insulation foam, (BASF Walltite and BASF Enertite), has given the Ener-Spray Group unrivaled experience in both domestic and commercial spray foam application in Calgary. (Read More...)

During 2015, InterCoast introduced TEN Plus Architectural Metal Products to Western Canada. TEN Plus designs and manufactures a complete line of Architectural Louvers, Vision Screens, Sunshades and custom metal fabrications. TEN Plus' unwavering commitment to product quality and customer service ensures that their products are the best on the market.

Baldwin SE Granite Pavers and Granite SlabsInterCoast also introduced Granite Pavers, Stone Planters, Fountains and Garden Elements by Baldwin SE. Baldwin SE has developed a line of stone pavers in granite that was previously unavailable in North America as a production line product. Utilizing stone in your projects sets it apart from more conventional paving systems like concrete, or concrete-derivatives.

InterCoast Building Solutions Proudly Represents the following Green Building Envelope materials for Vancouver and Alberta:

2015 also included the launch of our new website which showcases the depth of our Green Building products as well as a comprehensive Green Building Technical Centre for all of our for Division 7, 8 & 32 architectural and construction products.

Working on projects that promote sustainability is always rewarding. Seeing building professionals enthusiastically embrace environmental best practices in Vancouver, Alberta and all of Western Canada is even more so. Getting a positive community response to building greener? That’s the icing in the cake.

As 2015 draws to a close and 2016 prepares to spring into action, we hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year, and we look forward to seeing you in 2016 in our 14th year as a proud member of MANA. 

 — John Riley