How InterCoast and Our Partners Are Building Lasting Change with Sustainable Green Building Products

June 9, 2015 | Blog 

Sustainable Green Building Products with Tech-Crete insulating wall panelsResidential, commercial and institutional buildings generate more than half of a city’s green house gas emissions. Heating and cooling these buildings accounts for approximately 30 per cent of a city’s energy consumption. The operation of buildings without green construction considerations takes a hefty toll on the environment. That’s why events like the Canadian Green Building Council’s Building Change Conference and Expo are so important. 

Last week, InterCoast Building Solutions, along with our partners Hydrotech and Tech-Crete, attended the Building Last Change Expo at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre. It was a great opportunity to meet with architects, engineers and contractors engaged in green building practices. While conference numbers were modest, enthusiasm was high. With LEED certification essential to civic projects and an increasing appetite for green products in the residential and commercial sectors, there was a lot of interest in products like Tech-Crete’s lightweight Concrete Faced Insulating Roof and Wall Panels. Offering a superior R-factor, easy installation (even as a retro-fit) and durability, Tech-Crete products are an excellent way to meet LEED certification. 

TechCrete keeping business on the tradeshow floor at the CAGBC’s Building Lasting Change Conference and Expo. 

Climate Change, LEED V4 Designation and Products That Can Help

How InterCoast and Our Partners Are Building Lasting Change with Sustainable Green Building Products from HydrotechA forum for sharing ideas and insights, the conference part of Building Lasting Change featured five seminar streams built around with the central theme of the positive effects of green building products on climate change. From the practical and tactical the Transitioning to LEED v4 stream outlined the path to meeting this new LEED designation to one focused on international green building innovations, the content was fresh, interesting inspiring. 

At InterCoast, we were excited to realize how InterCoast and the great products we represent are responding to this growing market. Every day, we’re helping building professionals meet their green building envelope goals with products like the Tech-Crete line of insulating panels to Hydrotech’s green version of its industry-leading Monolithic Waterproofing Membrane 6125 and Garden Roof Assemblies®

The Hydrotech booth, featuring a GardenRoof® Assembly, is ready to go at the expo. 

Discover How InterCoast Can Help You Meet Your LEED Designation 

Since 2002, InterCoast has been bringing green solutions to our clients’ building envelopment needs. Attending an event like Building Lasting Change confirms what we’ve long suspected, green building isn’t a trend, it’s the future. We can help you meet the demands of this future with a wide-range of green products.