Intelligent Green Roof and Flat Roof Monitoring is Now Available with ILD & Smartex®

February  5, 2016 | Blog 

Intelligent Green Roof and Flat Roof Monitoring is Now Available with ILD & Smartex® - InterCoast Building SolutionsThe Smarter Way to Protect Your Green Roof!

The Smartex® Intelligent Green Roof and Flat Roof monitoring systems provide you with the confidence that you always know your roof membranes are secure and leak free. Early Leak detection in Flat and Green roof membranes reduces repair cost and environmental risks, with ILD and the Smartex® monitoring system also provides real-time Data – Including Leak location... 


With a flat roof or green roof in the Vancouver area you need to actively take care that it is watertight and will remain watertight. In a smart flat roof that’s easy, because you always have the information you need for maintenance at your fingertips. The Smartex® system provides automated data collection, data storage, leak detection and alerting via the smart roof management system with leak detection alarm – and all accessible from anywhere an internet connection is accessible – including smart phone. 

Smartex® System Advantages: 

  • Up-to-date information about the status of your structure
  • Damages to the structure are instantly recognized
  • Accurate location of the damage is reported via internet capable mobile devices
  • You have access to information concerning the integrity of the structure 24 hours a day
  • Allows for more effective preventive maintenance by eliminating hazards quickly and making accurate repairs before greater damage can occur to the structure 

If a project you are involved in is finished with a Flat roof or Green Roof, think preventative maintenance by specify the Smartex® Flat Roof Monitoring system to keep an all-important eye on its integrity, and to lead directly to any future problems simply, saving time, materials & money.