Increase Engagement by Managing Employees’ Dreams

December 2, 2014 | Blog 

Increase Engagement by Managing Employees’ Dreams - The Dream Manager by Matthew KellyWhether your company installs green roofs or provides janitorial services, you’re in the business of managing people. What would happen if you turned those people into engaged, loyal ambassadors for your business? The path to creating a more engaged workplace is outlined in The Dream Manager, a revolutionary management book by Matthew Kelly. Published in 2007, The Dream Manager remains a timely text for our increasing disconnected age.

This business parable, similar in style to Patrick Lencioni’s bestselling The Five Dysfunctions of Team, illustrates how within five years, a mid-size janitorial company, with a whopping 400% turnover rate, grew from 400 to 750 employees and reduced turnover to a mere 12%. This dramatic change was the result of the company creating a Dream Manager Program, an employee assistance program headed by a financial planner/life coach who met with employees to create plans for realizing their dreams, from high school graduation to home ownership.

The story of the fictitious Admiral Janitorial Services is an amalgamation of stories many businesses told Kelly, most influentially, Jancoa, a Cincinnati janitorial company whose owner Mary and Tony Miller founded The Dream Manager Program to inspire employees to pursue their personal dreams.

The key message in The Dream Manager is that everyone has dreams and obstacles that keep those dreams from being realized. By getting to know your employees and their dreams, you can increase employee engagement; loyalty and ultimately productivity by helping them achieve their life and work goals.

Bringing The Dream Manager to Your Workplace

Transform your workplace by reading The Dream Manager and instituting some of the tips and tool sin the “Getting Started” chapter. Need more personalized service? Floyd Consulting of Chicago can help customize and implement a Dream Manager Program that’s right for your company. For more information, please

InterCoast Embraces Dream Management

InterCoast Building Solutions is committed to the principles of dream management with its employees and contractors. It’s a strategy inline with our values and our mission: to become the best provider of green building envelope products in Canada.

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