InterCoast Working in Partnership with Brock White Construction Materials

March 26, 2014 | Blog 

Brock White Canada Company LLC a major distributor of Tech-Crete Concrete Faced Insulated Wall & Roof Panels have just drawn to a close a mini tradeshow called BW Connect. BW Connect offers product training for technical staff and salespeople throughout Western Canada. All of the offices operated by Brock White Canada were represented. The 2014 trade show was a huge success and InterCoast is extremely proud to be working with Brock White to deliver this superior product to the construction industry.

BW Connect? Are you wondering where that name came from? Simple, its short for Brock White Connect, which is exactly what happens at the conference, people connect over improving products and the way we use them with the purpose if sustainability.

Darci Smart, Director of Marketing for Brock White Canada & John Riley, Owner InterCoast Building SolutionsThe event provides Brock White sales people and vendor representatives an opportunity to socialize, participate in a trade show and experience training sessions in smaller group settings. Conceived in 2013, when Brock White acquired the assets of Steels Industrial Products, more than doubling the size of the company’s Canadian presence in the marketplace. With the growth of the company and success of the first event, it was duplicated in 2014 in both Canada and the US. Here in Western Canada the event was held February 19-21, 2014 at the Sheraton Guildford.

What a tremendous opportunity for the staff at Brock White to meet with vendors and truly understand what those vendors bring to the customers. The ability to meet and share ideas and learn more about what is current in the industry is invaluable to developing relationships and partnerships long term and continued growth in green products.                   

Darci Smart, Director of Marketing for Brock White Canada & John Riley, Owner InterCoast Building Solutions

When asked about the BW Connect, Darci Smart Director of Marketing for Brock White Canada told us,

As a result of these events, Brock White staff received the equivalent of two man years of training in the first two months of 2014!”

Brock White have been at the forefront of the construction building materials industry for over 60 years, helping Canada to keep building structures that are at the frontier of modern design and taking advantage of technology. We are honored to work with them.

For our part, InterCoast who represents Tech-Crete, were invited to demonstrate application techniques and answer questions from the Brock White sales professionals. What better way to continue the momentum than sharing some information with all of you!

Here is something you might not know about Tech-Crete.

  • Tech-Crete Processors is a manufacture of composite insulating panels consisting of STYROFOAM™ brand foam insulation with a factory applied latex modified concrete coating. 
  • 1983 – First production of CTI® Roof panels for DOW Canada. 
  • 1991 – First production of CFI® Wall panels for DOW Canada, complete with patented clip mounting system for easy installation 
  • 2009 – Insulated panel products from Tech-Crete Processors Ltd. are marketed in Canada under the Tech-Crete® label. 

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