InterCoast Building Solutions June 2014 Updates

June 26, 2014 | Blog 

InterCoast at the 2014 BC Land Summit

InterCoast at the 2014 BC Land SummitThe 2014 BC Land Summit: Collaborations & Connections conference was held May 14-16th at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre. This interdisciplinary conference was organized by the newly formed BC Land Summit Society (BCLSS). 

As an ancillary event to the main conference, the BC Society of Landscape Architects (BCSLA) hosted a showcase of products and services and InterCoast Building Solutions was proud to participate as an exhibitor. The event was a success and offered excellent opportunities to learn from and engage with land use professionals. Check out the Intercoast website to see a video of John in action at the conference. 


InterCoast Brings on International Leak Detection 

InterCoast Brings on ILD International Leak Detection Membrane Integrity TestingInterCoast Building Solutions is pleased to announce that it will now be representing ILD International Leak Detection. ILD is the world leader in leak detection and membrane integrity testing and has the well deserved reputation of getting the job done right every time. 

ILD created Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM®) technology, which has become the standard testing procedure for waterproofing verification. EFVM® is a non‑destructive, low-voltage testing method that creates a potential difference between a non-conductive membrane and a conductive substrate. ILD’s testing method can be used on hot or cold fluid-applied membranes, sheet membranes and coatings, and works on sloped decks and vertical walls. Additionally, the EFVM® testing procedure is unique in that it can provide accurate results in roofs with ballast or overburden, such as green roofs and living walls, without having to remove the ballast or overburden.  

ILD testing is a cost-effective quality assurance method that will provide long-lasting solutions for building owners and managers. 

For additonal specifications see the International Leak Detection Information Portal.


Hydrotech Waterproofing & Garden Roof Assemblies Breakfast N' Learn

Learning Event with Hydrotech WAterproofing & Green Roof SystemsDaniel Drouin from Hydrotech gave a Breakfast N’ Learn presentation June 18th in Richmond. Hydrotech recently updated their warranty program for the Hydrotech Garden Roof® Assemblies, and Ultimate Assembly® for plaza decks. Daniel’s presentation covered the key testing parameters for the hot-applied rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane MM6125®EV, to ensure its long-term, in-place performance (50 year+ service life). 

Daniel’s presentation also covered: 

  • What the new approved applicator training program means for building owners.
  • What envelope engineers need to be aware of when evaluating waterproofing details and assemblies.
  • What roofing inspectors need to watch for when testing waterproofing membranes.

If you weren’t able to attend the Breakfast N’ Learn and would like to know what you missed, please contact John.


FEATURED PROJECT: Richmond Christian School

FEATURED PROJECT: Richmond BC Christian School utilizing SRP Breathable MembranesRichmond Christian School’s Secondary Campus Phase 2 building is shown above after installation of the SRP Breathable Membrane by SRP Canada Inc

SRP Breathable membranes are multi layer, spun bonded materials that control moisture intrusion and accumulation in the assembly by keeping external water out while allowing water vapour to escape. 

Sean Kimberly of Allen + Maurer Architects Inc. worked on the project and said the SRP membrane was chosen for construction efficiency and performance, and further qualifies the product by saying: 

SRP The single air/vapour barrier product is much easier to install in a way which maintains the integrity of the membrane. There are fewer hidden details in the installation.”