Maple Ridge Using Less Water and Energy  Thanks to Tech-Crete SRI® Technology in BC

January 29, 2013 | Blog 
Maple Ridge Using Less Water and Energy Thanks to Tech-Crete SRI® Technology in BCMaple Ridge’s facilities department keeps trying to find ways to save energy and money as it maintains, parks, buildings and pools throughout the district. 
One recent project, just completed, involved putting white, insulated reflective panels on the roof of the RCMP building to reflect back the sun’s rays and reduce air conditioning costs in the warm months. 
The 30-year-old roof had to be replaced, so Solar Reflective Insulated Roof Panels by Tech-Crete were selected as the new roof covering, at cost comparable to conventional materials. “It’s the first application of the product in B.C.,” facilities operations manager Michael Millward said Thursday. 
Tech-Crete in Salmon Arm, BC makes the Solar Reflective Insulated panels (SRI®), which consist of a centimetre of white concrete attached to Styrofoam insulation. The white colour of the concrete reflects back the sun’s rays, minimizing the warming of concrete during the summer, while the insulation also keeps the building either warm or cool, depending on the weather. The panels are easily washable. 
The project was just completed and cost $220,000 and will last 30 years. “It’s a reusable product,” Millward pointed out. It’s also a product that will count in LEED certification, he said. “It will help reduce the heating and cooling costs dramatically.”