ROOFTech 2015 - How to Detect Membrane Leaks on Green Roofs Before They Become Nightmares with ILD

April 21, 2015 | Blog 
ROOFTech Canadian Roofing Exhibition Offers Opportunities to Meet With Industry Experts 

ROOFTech 2015 - How to Detect Membrane Leaks on Green Roofs Before They Become Nightmares with ILD Membrane Integrity TestingA breach in your roofing materials or building membrane can have devastating effects on any project or green roof. Even a tiny water leak left undetected can result in major, expensive repairs that could potentially lead to litigation. Luckily, there’s ILD, a multinational company and global leader in leak detection and membrane integrity testing. ILD will be attending ROOFTech, the Canadian roofing exhibition, on May 5 and 6 at the Vancouver Convention Centre — a building ILD worked on, testing 280,000 sq. ft. of membrane.  

ILD President To Attend ROOFTech in Vancouver, May 5 & 6 

One of the companies represented by InterCoast, ILD is has been an industry innovator since its inception in the mid-’90s, having detected more than 1.25 million breaches in nearly 400 million sq. ft. of membrane. Company president, Chris Eichhorn will be onsite at ROOFTECH to answer all of your questions about how ILD can help ensure that a minor water leak caused by a breach in the green roof membrane doesn’t became a major nightmare. So make sure to visit ILD International Leak Detection at Booth 712 on the exhibition floor. 

How ILD Helps Ensure Integrity Of Roofing Materials and Building Membranes 

ILD uses a system known as Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM®) to test building surface. The advantages RFVM® has over other leak detection systems:  

  • Pinpoints the exact location of any membrane breaches
  • Defects can be repaired and retested the same day
  • Non-destructive to the membrane
  • Requires only a limited use of water
  • Eliminates removal of overburden to locate a breach
  • Can be performed in inclement weather
  • Can be performed on sloped structural decks 

The company, which uses its own specifically trained inspectors to implement EFVM®, also guarantees that it will not leave a project until it is 100% breach-free. 

In the late 1990s, I brought EFVM® technology over from Germany and adapted it for the North American market. In the beginning, even I was skeptical. But as we honed the technology, it performed again and again, delivering superior results,” says Chris Eichhorn. 
How InterCoast Can Help Make Your Green Roof Project Breach-Free 

InterCoast is proud to represent ILD to help address your leak detection needs. InterCoast’s SRP permeable air & water barrier systems distributor, Roofmart, will also be onsite at ROOFTech (exhibition booth 1010).