Sky Parks Redefining Public Space with Hydrotech Green & Garden Roof Systems

November 18, 2014 | Blog 

Sky Parks Redefining Public Space with Hydrotech Green & Garden Roof SystemsNot too many years ago, the idea of a park being created storeys above the ground was considered ludicrous. When the concept of transforming New York’s long abandoned High Line rail line into a green space was introduced in the early 2000s, many of that city’s residents scoffed. Modelled on Paris’ Promenade plantée, the first phase of the linear park was completed in 2009. Now, five years after the first phase of the 2.3 km long urban park was completed, the High Line is the No. 2 tourist attraction in New York, coming in slightly behind the Statue of Liberty and attracting an estimated $2.2 billion in economic activity. And what was once a desolate abandoned eyesore, now features naturalized plantings that include a grove of birch trees and 210 different types of plants, performance space and art installation.


Across North America there are projects similar to the High Line underway in Mexico City, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia Toronto, Chicago and Mexico City. Parks are one of the top assets that make a city livable, and this new version of public space is being met with increasing enthusiasm. By making parks part of a city, these bold new spaces are creating surprising opportunities for urban social interaction. For example, San Francisco’s new Transbay Transit Center, a bus rail station, will feature a 5.4-acre park with a café, restaurant, amphitheatre and running trails on its roof. Following New York’s lead, Philadelphia is planning to rehabilitate an abandoned rail line. And Toronto’s Metrolinx is starting construction in 2015 on a 2.7 million-square-foot office/transit complex featuring a one-acre park bridging the city’s railroad corridor.


Products like Hyrdotech’s Green Roof & Garden Roof Assemblies are making construction of these new parks easier. Hydrotech offers products that support extensive area coverage, slope planting and lawn installation. And for roof top parks that include water features and trees, the company has an intensive assembly that allows up to 36” of growing medium. For more than 30 years, Hydrotech Garden Roof assemblies having been helping architects, engineers and contractors realize their dreams.


InterCoast Building Solutions is pleased to represent Hydrotech Green Roof Systems & Garden Roof Assemblies, just one of the fine green building envelope products we offer.