Tech-Crete Concrete Faced Insulated Wall & Roof Panels Introduces New Product Updates

April 10, 2012 | Blog

Tech-Crete (Insulated Wall & Roof Panel Systems) is pleased to announce several new updates to the CFI concrete faced wall system which now includes surface burning characteristics of CFI wall panels in accordance with Can/ULC s 102-10 fire testing. In addition, several new case histories for various projects feature CTI and SRI insulation on major projects in Alberta. 

Additionally, Tech-Crete is pleased to report that the ULC nomenclature change and file transfer from DOW’s Roofmate CT to Tech-Crete’s CTI and SRI is now complete. Roofmate CT was ULC listed and intended for use in the construction of Class “A” roof decks, and since the product has not changed, the same applies for Tech-Crete’s roof panels. 

Formerly known as Roofmate CT; Tech-Crete’s CTI and SRI are intended for use in construction of Class “A” roof decks and are listed as rigid roof insulation for Built-Up Roof Covering Materials under ULC category code TGFUC, file number R26457. 

We anticipate that it can be used in Garden Roof Assemblies and eliminate the use of pea gravel which is now required for a Class “A ” rating for the city of Vancouver.