The Secrets to Becoming Contractor, Architect or Engineer of the Year

March 18, 2015 | Blog 

The Secrets to Becoming Contractor, Architect or Engineer of the YearBecoming Contractor of the Year is the title of Ronald Coleman’s excellent business book that’s now available for Kindle. And it’s a book that everyone who is working as a hired gun in the construction industry should read. Whether you’re an architect, the owner of a small engineering firm or a contractor, this blueprint for success in the construction industry, is a must read. 

Becoming Contractor of the Year focuses on how to make more money, increase the value of your business, improve the quality of your life and have more fun. Coincidentally, those are the four most common issues that clients bring to Coleman’s consultancy. 

This 148-page book is an accessible, fast and fun read that’s full of solid advice and practical exercises. The wealth of information in Becoming Contractor of The Yearcomes from Coleman’s 30 years of experience in the construction industry. A member of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of BC and a professional accountant, Coleman has seen hundreds of businesses fail over the year. He’s taken these lessons he’s learned on the job and turned them into a book that is part business book, part inspirational text and part workbook. 

Becoming Contractor of the Year examines the pitfalls that contractors encounter and offers real solutions. One technique Colemen uses is to get readers to define their plans of action and stay accountable to the process. That information reappears throughout the book as the basis for other exercise designed to keep the reader accountable to the process. A number of appendixes, including organizational charts and prompt sheets at the back of the book assist readers in keeping their eyes on the prize: creating and staying to true to action plans that fulfill their goals. Becoming Contractor of the Year is a great resource, the perfect remedy for anyone whose business has him or her feeling a little trapped or uninspired. 

Becoming Contractor of the Year is available for $12.69 on Amazon 

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