UDI “Best in Show” Award Goes to Vancouver Heritage Makeover with the Help of Hydrotech

December 18, 2014 | Blog 

UDI “Best in Show” Award Goes to Vancouver Heritage Makeover with the Help of HydrotechA re-imagining of a classic Vancouver mid-rise, early-20th century office building has won two prestigious Urban Development Institute Pacific Region (UDI) awards. 564 Beatty, now a 10-storey mixed commercial building, was recognized as both “Best in Show” and “Best Heritage.” The awards, recognizing a broad-range of projects representing 20 categories, celebrate the achievements of the UDI’s more than 650 corporate members throughout BC.

The UDI promotes efficient urban growth, good planning and good development practices, affordable housing, as well high-quality commercial and industrial developments. And the projects they recognize fulfill these goals, projects that make communities more sustainable. 

These prestigious awards recognize the outstanding contributions of developers who help shape our vibrant, livable communities,” says Ann McMullen, President and CEO of the institute.

That’s why we’re so excited about this award. At InterCoast, we share the UDI’s passion for employing best practices. To see a project we worked closely with the architect and the landscape and roofing contractors win “Best in Show" and "Best Heritage" is very fulfilling.

The architect behind 564 Beatty, Glen Stokes, a partner at Bruce Carscadden Architect, feels the same way.

It was great to win “Best in Show” — that award usually goes to big muscle buildings that have an effect on the skyline,” says Stokes of the developers’ award.

564 Beatty has abundant green attributes including the re-use of an existing building and its proximity to transportation, notably Skytrain’s Stadium Station and bike lanes. Adhering to the City of Vancouver’s heritage requirements and the green demands of developer, Reliance Properties, Stokes designing a building that enhances liveability and sustainability. The four-storey “jewel-box” atop the original six-storey building, incorporated green features such as rough-hewn timber, seemingly limitless glass, solar shading and a rooftop garden. The garden, located more than 100 feet above street-level, offers workers fresh air and spectacular city views in an attractive setting.

Having six- to 15-feet of garden around the deck looks great,” says Stokes of the rooftop that also supports a number of trees.
The Role Hydrotech's Monolithic Membrane MM6125® Played

Hydrotech monolothic membrane and Green Roof AssemblyThe product that was used to create this urban oasis on the edge of Chinatown was Hydrotech’s GardenRoof Assembly, a product that InterCoast has been representing for more than a decade. The assembly, which incorporates Hydrotech’s Monolithic Membrane 6125®, helps make it easier for forward-thinking designers to go a little greener with Hydrotech's Garden Roof® Assembly. It’s a product that can help boost the level of LEED certification a building receives, an increasingly important factor in civic and heritage building.

Reliance Properties, the developer behind the project, which has also won the Vancouver Regional Construction Association “Gold Heritage Restoration Award,” describes 564 Beatty in simple terms.

Jon Stovell, president of Reliance, was quoted earlier this year in The Vancouver Sun as saying, 

The finished result is a LEED Gold building in a contemporary simple cubic form made of glass and steep atop the restored heritage façade.”

Response to the building, which was entirely leased prior to completion, would suggest Stovell is being modest. Located in an area undergoing massive renewal, 564 Beatty an example of what urban buildings can be.

And Hydrotech’s MM6125® is part of that success.

InterCoast Can Help With Your GardenRoof® Needs and More

InterCoast Building Solutions provides efficient, cost-effective green building envelope solutions to architects, engineers and contractors. We’re a “one-stop shop” offering a slate of excellent products that address division 3, 7, 8, 9 and 32 needs including Hyrotetch Monolithic Membrane 6125® and Hydrotech GardenRoof® Assembly.