Who is InterCoast Building Solutions?

History of InterCoast 

InterCoast Sales Agency Inc., now known as InterCoast Building Solutions, was founded by John Riley in August 2002 with it’s headquarters currently in Vancouver, British Columbia. We represent manufacturers in the construction industry whose specialized products are specifically designed to provide green building envelope solutions. Initially, our partners’ products had less than one percent of the share in construction markets west of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ten years later, we are now recognized as a leading provider of GREEN construction and building solutions in Western Canada. Through our unique and proven sales approach, let us introduce you to the unique benefit of our partners’ products and connect the most innovative and sustainable solutions to your projects.

How Can InterCoast Help You?

InterCoast Building Solutions represents corporations who manufacture products that solve problems for the construction industry with an environmentally sustainable philosophy.We specialize in the building envelope with a focus on providing sound sales systems and results. We have a tried and proven sales system and thrive by exceeding expectations for our principals. 

The Benefits of Partnering with InterCoast: 

  • Every Call Is a Relationship Call - Even when InterCoast Building Solutions does not directly present a specific product, the company is still cementing the client/customer relationship, Which will benefit each represented principal. This is especially true when working with distributors
  • Better Market Intelligence - InterCoast Building Solutions promotes only building envelope products and has a diversity of customers that often lead to market intelligence and industry trends becoming available long before a factory direct salesperson
  • A Systems Approach to Selling - Most building owners/architects will agree to see and purchase only from consultative sales professionals who take problems off their desks and bring opportunities to their attention. The multi-line, complementary package of products InterCoast represents supports company strategy to be systems oriented solution providers rather than single product focused
  • Broader Sales Context for Our Principal's Produc- As InterCoast Building Solutions sells several compatible products, sales calls are made to a wider variety of architects, prospects and customers, often finding applications for products denied the single-line salesperson
  • Immediate Access to the Market - InterCoast's experienced professionals are collaborative team players who have been Division 7 construction products experts in Western Canada for over 20 years. InterCoast's network consists of solid prospects ready to consider a specific product. Your products, product knowledge, company and principal's culture and business systems are the only learning curve the InterCoast professionals will need to determine in order for us to deliver results as a team.
  • Broader Scope of Services - InterCoast Building Solutions handles the whole scope of the introduction of a product from concept to complete sales transactions and follow up for further future opportunities.