Karen & Robert

Effective & aesthetically pleasing - Karen brings the design... Witty, smart & affectionately known as 'Sponge Bob' - Robert brings the attention to detail...

'Marketeers'  for InterCoast Building Solutions

Karen & Robert are pleased to be a part of the InterCoast Building Solutions Team. Seasoned marketing & business professionals in relation to all things construction, Karen & Robert bring a diverse approach to InterCoast Building Solutions, driven by their desire to help make the world a more environmentally sustainable place. 

Creative semantic SEO writers & organic SEO website designers for businesses – “corporate scribes”, “brand storytellers”, “comprehensive website creators”, call it what you will. Some of their clients, collaborators & friends have been kind enough to use the phrase “extraordinary people” because they go far beyond what can be traditionally classified as a marketing agency or website designers.

Those who find Intercoast Building Solutions for the first time through an internet search for "Division 7 Building Materials Suppliers Vancouver" or whilst browsing associated building products or techniques, are the motivation behind the development of this website as a dynamic and well referenced entity - Building on the vision of the President, John Riley, www.intercoast-building-solutions.com is designed to be a "one stop shop" - an authority, for all things related to sustainable building envelope construction in Western Canada.