Green Roof & Garden Roof Vegetation Blankets by Sempergreen

Green Roof & Garden Roof Vegetation Blankets by Sempergreen

Sempergreen® Vegetation Blankets

Sempergreen® vegetation blankets instantly provide mature roof and ground covering. At least 95% of the vegetation planted in our carefully cultivated blankets is already thriving upon delivery, allowing you to enjoy the immediate effect of a green and sustainable result.

On Every Roof and as Ground Covering

Sempergreen® vegetation blankets can be installed on any type of roof. Whether flat or (steeply) sloped, Sempergreen® has the perfect solution. Sempergreen® has proven that the Sempergreen® Vegetation Blankets will grow – literally – on any roof.

In addition, Sempergreen® Vegetation Blankets are used more and more often as instant ground covering for roundabouts, central reservations and roof terraces. Low maintenance combined with simple installation procedures guarantee success!

Sempergreen Vegetation Blankets come in a wide range of coverings:

  • Sedum-mix blanket
  • Sedum-mix blanket type T
  • Sedum-mix blanket type TD
  • Sedum-herb blankets
  • Sedum-grass-herb blankets
  • Sedum-grass blankets
  • Sedum-wildflower blankets
  • Shadow blanket
  • Vegetation blanket Dazzling Yellow
  • Vegetation blanket Passionate Pink
  • Vegetation blanket Sparkling White 


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