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Evergreen® Vertical Green Wall Systems

As cities grow, less room is provided for greenery. This is not only unfortunate for the people in our communities but it also has negative effects on the environment. Evergreen® Vertical Green Wall Systems take very little extra space but offer all the benefits of an enhanced green environment. 

Creating a Positive Urban Environment - Wall by Wall

Advantages of using Evergreen® Vertical Green Wall Systems

  • The modular system is pre-vegetated so you have an immediate green Work of Art!
  • The Evergreen® modules are flexible; even curved concrete walls turn green in a quick and easy way
  • The plants are chosen to be resistant so there is little risk of plant failure or damage
  • Evergreen® modules are fabricated locally with durable sustainable materials; they are good for the environment and provide healthy surroundings that last for years.
  • The modular systems is simple in design and is installed & maintained by professional company trained specialists.
  • No special end-user care is required
  • Evergreen® Vertical Green Walls are irrigated by a fully automated system and contains inert material. This saves Water AND Irrigation costs!
  • A wall covered with Evergreen® modules thermally and acoustically insulated the building; saving energy and reducing noise pollution.
  • Evergreen® Vertical Green Wall System lowers the ambient temperature and absorb CO2 and polluting particulate matter, which is beneficial for our environment.

How it WorksEvergreen Vertical Green Wall Flexipanel Modular Systems - Division 7 Green Building Envelope Materials | InterCoast Building Solutions Vancouver BC

A pocket planted, lightweight, inorganic substrate system, which is composed of a rockwool based carrier with a systemic feed and irrigation system. The growing area is mechanically fastened to a waterproof membrane that mounts to the wall substrate. The system is installed using aluminum or stainless steel profiles to a waterproofed wall.

The plant selection is defined by aesthetic requirements, aspect, location, exposure and maintenance requirements as determined by the landscape architect in consultation with the Evergreen staff.

Evergreen® & LEED

Possible LEED Points

Sustainable Sites:

Credit 5 - Site Development: Protect or Restore Habitat

Credit 6 - Stormwater Design: Quantity Control

Credit 7 - Heat Island Effect: Non-Roof

Credit 1 - Water Efficient Landscaping Energy & Atmosphere

Credit 1 - Optimize Energy Performance

Materials & Resources

Credit 5 - Regional Materials Indoor Environmental Quality

Credit 1 - Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring

Credit 5 - Indoor Chemical and Pollutant Source Control

Innovation in Design

Credit 1 - Innovation in Design

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